Carnivore Store (Australia)

Bone broth, animal fats, offal, salts, electrolytes, meat snacks (e.g. biltong, jerky, pork crackle).

Carnivore Store is an online grocery store that specialises in carnivore friendly snacks, pantry items and cooking supplies. They’re based in NSW and they deliver Australia-wide.

Love Low Carb

Low carb bread, sweet snacks, savoury snacks, low carb pasta, functional foods.

Love Low Carb stocks a huge range of low carb snacks, baking goods, pantry staples and much more. Everything you need for a low carb lifestyle, delivered anywhere in Australia.

Mad Creations Hub

Low carb keto recipes, recipe development keto premix products, keto cookbooks, and eBooks.

Megan Ellam is the Australian-based author, photographer and recipe developer behind Mad Creations, 365 Keto Club, 11+ keto cookbooks, and the Keto Eats/Mad Creations premix pantry range.

Megan’s passion is creating amazingly delicious low carb and easy keto recipes.

Her approach to recipes is through a love of fresh, tasty, and easy to prepare meals the whole family will love.

McKenzie’s Meats (Sydney & Canberra)

Grass fed beef and lamb, sow stall free pork, free range chicken. Bone broths, crap-free sauces and spices.

Our Scotch Fillet is beautifully marbled, our Rump Cap is tender and has plenty of fat and our Pork Belly is the ultimate at-home dining experience.

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Get fresh grass fed meat delivered right to your door! McKenzie’s Meats is for people who maintain a low carb lifestyle and understand the importance of grass fed nutrient dense meat. Your meat is sourced from local farmers then cut, packed and vacuum sealed on the day you receive it. You can also add GevityRX bone broths and sauces, Barbell Air Dried Steak, Undivided Food Co products and crap-free spices to your order. Make life stress free with convenient delivery and the option to ‘set and forget’ with our simple subscriptions.

Simon Lewis is McKenzie’s Meats Founder, he started the business because he couldn’t find a butcher who offered delivery and could source the fatty and nutrient dense cuts he craved on a low carb diet. Simon has solved his own problem and now helps hundreds of people improve their health every week.

Melinda’s Gluten Free Goodies

Multiple allergy & low carb/keto baking mixes.

As a food lover and Coeliac of over 26 years, Melinda is uncompromising when it comes to the high quality, clean ingredients and taste of her products and most importantly the safety of her loyal customers.

As a mum of three (currently 16, 14 & 12 years old) Melinda understands the demands of work, school, sport, extracurricular commitments AND the biggest demand of feeding and fuelling your kids.  Throw in some food allergies and food preferences and this job can be much harder.

Thankfully you can trust Melinda’s products to be both delicious and safe for everyone to enjoy. Melinda’s employs top quality allergen control with every batch of products laboratory tested for allergens.

Melinda’s personal interest in low carb arose after losing 30kg when dropping sugar, when she had 3 kids under 4 years old. She was addicted to sugar as a way to get through the work day and mum duties and handle both stressors. After being enlightened by David Gillespie’s ‘I Quit Sugar’ book Melinda embarked on a journey of breaking up with sugar and over 18 months lost 30 kg with minimal to no exercise.  Fast forward 10 years and now their family lives mostly low carb (difficult with teens who earn their own money!!), Melinda has been a 16:8 faster (6-7 days a week) for at least four years, enjoys rowing and some occasional Pilates and never been healthier (and never put back on that 30kg!).

 All new product releases by Melinda’s Gluten Free Goodies since this personal life transformation have been low carb and now keto. Many of the products are developed after family and friends constant requests for recipes so they can make the same at home.

Melinda’s Gluten Free Goodies is proudly a 100% Australian small family business with the HIGHEST Australian ingredient panels. Through the manufacturing, packing, distribution and sale of Melinda’s products hundreds of Australian families are positively impacted. They also proudly use the Endeavour Foundation for packing all of their baking mixes.

Simply Swap Foods

Low-carb/keto baking and porridge mixes plus lots of easy low-carb/keto recipes and information on our website and social media.

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Simply Swap Foods is committed to helping others experience the benefits of an eating style with less sugar and carbs.  Their make-at-home decadent and delicious cakes and porridge contain only nutritious premium ingredients, no nasties and are sugar-free/low-carb/keto. No-one has to miss out on their favourite treats while changing to healthier eating as these products are diabetic friendly, vegan and free from wheat and grains.  All they have done – with time and research – is ‘simply swapped’ some ingredients and it’s their hope to show others just how easy it is and how great you can feel.

Linda Martinucci started Simply Swap Foods to help spread the word about the importance of changing to a real food low sugar diet to improve overall health and quality of life. With a background as a food writer and cookbook author, she has spent the last 15 years following nutrition studies and medical research based on the best way to fuel our bodies for optimal health.

Three years ago, Linda swapped to a real food diet, naturally low in sugar and full of healthy fats. She was amazed to see 15kg of excess weight drop off (over a period of six months) and her energy levels and mental clarity increased to an all time high. Her husband David adopted similar habits and lost 20kg easily in eight months plus had energy he never thought possible.

One of the keys to success was being able to enjoy favourite cakes and desserts from time to time. So Linda spent countless hours in the kitchen perfecting the baking and porridge mixes that are now available for sale.

So many studies are proving that excess sugar is a major factor in chronic health conditions including obesity, type 2 diabetes, arthritis, inflammation and general low energy and loss of mental clarity.

Linda and David hope that their products will help others on their journey to experience the amazing benefits of changing to a real food low sugar diet.

Enter code LOWCARBHUB at checkout for 10% off your first online order!

Yo Keto

Keto friendly snacks, pantry supplies, electrolytes, condiments, keto baking mixes, collagen, keto recipe books.

Yo Keto delivers keto friendly supplies to customers Australia-wide.  They carry a wide array of foods and drinks that are low in carbs and high in healthy fats, suitable for anyone following a low carb or ketogenic lifestyle.

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