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Andy Taylor, Taylor Made Performance (Devon, UK)

Face 2 Face and Online Injury diagnosis and treatment

  • Face 2 Face Performance and Online Exercise Training
  • Face 2 Face and Online Pilates classes 
  • Body Recomposition LCHF Programme (Mindset Change Coaching, Informative Content, Dedicated Support, Cooking lessons, recipes & meal plans, Communication, Shopping List Tool, Weekly Coaching Session, Tracking Tool.)

Our programmes have been born out of experience. I am a former professional athlete and after transitioning to a coach I have always thought myself as fit and healthy. But I was exhausted from busy work and family life all the time, constantly stressing about eating and food. It got to the point where I was not the best version of myself and I had symptoms of metabolic syndrome. I therefore went looking for better answers. I found the answers and they have made me healthier, stronger and happier all without suffering. I can help you find the answers just like my clients have. If you really want change to happen you have to be prepared to do something you have never done before.

Andrew Taylor BSc (hons) | Strength & Conditioning

Andy has achieved a 1st class honours degree in Strength and Conditioning from University of Plymouth St Mark and St John. He has also completed a foundation degree in Sports Performance at University of Bath. Andy is an accredited coach through the United Kingdom Strength & Conditioning Association (UKSCA). He is also qualified as a British Weightlifting Instructor for Sport and has a KBT Level 2 Strength and Conditioning Certification. Andy has a wealth of experience in Planning and periodization of training programmes, Nutritional advice, and Performance Analysis of Specific Sports. He has a keen interest in youth athletic development working with several young athletes in a variety of sports. 

Andy was a professional footballer for nearly 10 years he began his playing career in 1996 at Manchester United Football Club where he gained a professional contract in 2000. This was unfortunately cut short due to a career threatening injury forcing his departure from the club in 2002. After 12 months of intensive rehab Andy progressed in his ability to play full time football again free of injury. This culminated in a move to his hometown club Exeter City in 2003. He had many memorable experiences while at Exeter City playing a pivotal role in the 3rd round FA Cup Games against his former club Manchester United and in their promotion back into the football league.

Through his experiences Andy has developed a thorough understanding of the requirements of being a top athlete. He has also experienced the lows of injuries and therefore can empathize with anyone who suffers one. He feels a great sense of responsibility in the work he does to provide effective Strength and Conditioning which can aid the prevention of injuries and the potential to maximize performance.

Andy has completed Professional Training in LCHF/Ketogenic Nutrition and treatment as well as Nutrition Network advisor training. This enables him to consider a holistic approach to lifestyle and wellbeing. His knowledge and skills can offer support and guidance for a variety of goals such as, for clients wishing to improve their general fitness, those looking to reduce lifestyle health risks, including Diabetes, Cardiovascular disease and Autoimmune disease, to those who want to enhance elite performance.

Face to Face (Devon, UK) and via Zoom.

Daniel Velardo: Run, Health & Nutrition Coach (Australia)

Individualised online run coaching ranging from ongoing monthly coaching to specific programs, available for beginners to advanced.   

I’m a certified Run, Nutrition and Health Coach based in Melbourne. I’m a father of two young children and husband to Jenna. One of my greatest passions is helping people achieve their personal goals, whether that be running a personal best, leading a healthier lifestyle, having more energy for everyday tasks, or taking control of their health and fitness goals.

I’m a passionate and experienced sponsored runner (Fisiocrem) and coach. I hold a Level 2 run coaching accreditation with Athletics Australia and am a V.02 Certified Distance Running Coach of Dr Jack Daniels’ VDOT running philosophy. I have coached a range of athletes for several years and many have succeeded and continue to achieve personal best times. I have experience in events from the 1500m, mile, 3k, 5k, cross country, 10k, half marathon and marathon. My philosophy is to be consistent with training, trust the coaching process and the results will come.

I’m a JERF (Just Eat Real Food) advocate and a member of the SugarByHalf team, led by Dr Peter Brukner OAM, and a graduate of the Nutrition Network, led by Prof Tim Noakes. I lead a low carb healthy fat lifestyle and believe the food we consume is a catalyst for us being the best version of ourselves. We currently live in a world where lifestyle diseases are impacting upon our physical and mental health, and it’s about time we face the problems and take back control using a food first approach. I’m the host of the SugarByHalf podcast, where it is our mission to educate people about the effects of sugar and cut our national consumption by half. I have also presented at the, ‘Low Carb Lifestyle Long Weekend’.


Takes international clients

Richard Turnbull: Accredited Exercise Physiologist and Sport Scientist (Australia)

Richard is a part of the Body Dynamics Health team. They offer a wide variety of physiotherapy, exercise physiology, dietetics and elite sports performance services – to people of all ages, activity levels and backgrounds. Accredited staff also have a special interest in offering lifestyle change intervention (nutrition and exercise) to those suffering from metabolic syndrome and diabetes.

Information about other team members is available on the website:

Richard has extensive experience in the areas of Exercise Physiology, Sport Science and Elite Sports coaching. He has 34 years working experience providing effective service for those suffering from complex and chronic conditions. His services also extend to include Health and Wellness Programs for the business community including companies such as Cadia Newcrest Mines (1200 employees), Manildra Flour Mills and Orange TAFE.  Results from these successful programs have been presented at industry-specific conferences.

Richard has a special interest providing a service for those suffering from Metabolic Syndrome and Diabetes. He has a clear understanding on nutritional subjects such as Nutritional Ketosis and Low Carbohydrate High Fat lifestyles.

He has completed studies with the Nutrition Network in the area of Low Carbohydrates High Fat/Ketogenic Nutrition & Treatment; LCHF in Clinical Practice online training; Ethics Training; LCHF for Dietitians: Professional online training in LCHF for Health Promotion and Medical Nutrition Therapy; and Diabetes Reversal TrainingHe provides nutrition information in so far as it pertains to the prevention of disease and the promotion of health. Richard provides the science and the client decides for themself what nutrition lifestyle to follow. He also works in co-operation with the clients other health providers.

Richard has coached many National and International athletes including Matthew Temane world record half-marathon time, Willie Mtolo, New York Marathon winner, Helen Lucre three times Comrades Marathon winner, Veronica Wollington, third in the World Mountain Road Race Championships in 2007 and many others.

Richard was the fitness trainer and conditioner for the South African Rugby Springboks (1993), Natal Sharks Rugby (1990, 1992, 1995) Currie Cup winner during these years, South African Surfing Team (1992), South African Polocrosse Team (1995). He also coached 1st Grade Rugby in Australia winning 8 premierships.

Richard has presented at conferences, published many articles and written a book. He has also received a number of awards amongst others:  Inducted into the South African Athletics Coaches Hall of Fame (2016), Sports Personality of the Year award, Orange NSW, Australia, National Biokinetic (Exercise Physiology) Presidents Award for the Biokineticist who made a “substantial contribution to the development of the profession” in South Africa. Richard was also awarded a Fellowship from Exercise and Sports Science Australia in 2020.

Richard enjoys keeping active and spending time with his wife, family and friends. He enjoys the harmony between home and work life.

Face to face from Body Dynamics Health in Orange and Wagga Wagga

Zoom (Telehealth)

Takes international clients

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