It is a myth that you need carbohydrates to exercise. The body can make its own glucose for energy if needed from the liver, via a processed called gluconeogenisis. This is not the case when it comes to protein and fat. These are essential for us to get in our diet. When it comes to exercise, there is lots of myths surrounding whether we need carbs or not. If you’re an elite level athlete and you engage in high intensity sprinting, some carbs may be of benefit. However most of us are not that like, and for what we need, carbs are not needed. There is a lot of evidence on this. Here is some further information for you.

It’s important to understand the function of the 3 macro nutrients, carbs, fat and protein. This short video comes from my online program 30 Days to LCHF Your Way. 

This short video explains how the body makes glucose if needed

I recently interviewed Health & Running Coach, Daniel Velardo on carbs and exercise.

Prof Tim Noakes

Exercise Physiologist and Exercise Scientist, Richard Turnbull

Q&A with Exercise Physiologist Kimberley Peden